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    • In the USA on average 35% of breast cancer surgeries require repeat surgeries, due to “positive margins.”[1,2] These positive margins represent residual cancer found in the outer layers of the excised tissue.A tumor excision with cancer free margins of at least 2 mm is essential to reduce the risk of local recurrence that is an ongoing threat to the patient. Currently, the status of the tissue margins is confirmed by a pathology lab several days after surgery.

      ClearEdge is a handheld, intra-operative imaging device that unambiguously de-couples signatures of abnormal from normal tissue. During the surgical procedure, ClearEdge will be used to guide surgeons in the identification of abnormalities within the surgical margins and will enable their immediate and precise removal.

      Patient recovery from a single operation is much faster and has better plastic & reconstructive outcomes. Patients will no longer endure post surgical anxiety due to the uncertainty of ‘waiting’ for pathology results. In addition they will not face the difficult decision of repeat and potentially more devastating surgery.

      It is believed that real-time assessment of tissue margins may become an enabler for a novel trend to have a single operation Breast Cancer Surgery that combines tumor excision, cavity radiation, and onco-plastic reconstructive surgery.

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